Brazil Asset Management

by Genesis Investimentos

Genesis Investimentos is the partner firm of Commstock Investments which provides land identification, farm management and general business consulting services in Brazil.  As Brazil’s agribusiness economy continues to grow dramatically, they continue to attract billions of dollars from foreign investors looking for cheap, scalable land production.

Our mission is to provide established U.S. companies and farmers that desire to enter the Brazilian marketplace, all aspects of information they need and the assistance necessary to facilitate evaluation, planning and execution of business plans.  Genesis has experience in sourcing, investigating and evaluating investment opportunities, overseeing legal due diligence, identifying and developing high performance management teams, adopting budget and cash flow controls, building local networks of professional consultants and collaborators, and is fluent in Portuguese.

Expanding into a foreign market can be both an intimidating and daunting task.  We look to provide a bridge between two business cultures, making your entry into Brazil as seamless as possible.  We have over a decade of business experience in Brazil dealing with all aspects of a Greenfield investment company.  Having already overcome the obstacles inherent in working in a foreign market, Genesis Investments can help provide knowledge, perspective and business plan analysis that will help U.S. companies successfully penetrate the Brazilian marketplace.  Visit our website at

Brazil Ag Tours
Commstock Investments, in partnership with Genesis Investimentos, will begin leading its first annual Brazil crop tour in 2018.  Meet with large-scale farmers, evaluate the harvest, and learn cropping techniques.  Take our extended trip version to Rio de Janeiro, the host city for the 2016 summer Olympics.  Stay tuned for more information!