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A friend of mine was on the east coast traveling when he saw the news on CNN showing Spencer Iowa inundated by flooding. Shocked…He exclaimed to his friends, “That is where I grew up!” Disaster Area Designations have always been something that have happened somewhere else that we have watched on television. Now they are watching us from somewhere else. We assumed that 1993 was a 100-year flood. That must mean that this one is a 500-year flood. I saw flooding in places where I have never seen water flood here before. This time our region has been declared a disaster and we know friends who were rescued by boat or by helicopter here from the flood while the 1993 flood was a Mississippi disaster. The Ocheyedan and Little Sioux rivers meet near Spencer and it was the Ocheyedan that most bested its record flood stage by 4 feet. The Little Sioux reportedly exceeded its previous record set in 1953 by two feet. I was born in Spencer in 1952. That means that I was around here for both floods. Wal-Mart has truckloads of water on standby that are positioned to show up where-ever there is some kind of natural…

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