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Years ago, we had the opportunity to visit South Africa and stand on the southernmost shore of the African continent at Cape Horn. It was warm, dynamic and the ocean was alive there in every way. Earlier this June we had the opportunity to visit the northernmost extreme of Europe in Norway. There is a small city of 2500 people there of Honningsvag that is the port of call. It is well above the Arctic Circle where Norway extends further north above Sweden and Finland so that Russia is the next landmass to the east.  This was the third port of call at or above the Arctic Circle on our itinerary. Were the North Cape located at a similar latitude from the South Pole as it is from the North Pole, it would be located in Antarctica. The difference for them is the warmth that the Gulf Stream current brings them. They say that they do not feel at risk from rising ocean levels but fear that the collapse of the Gulf Stream would change their climate. They would lose their source of heat and potentially their summer, thus cooling despite a warming world.   The North Cape of Europe,…

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