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My wife Jane and I just returned from our second time attending the annual Westminster Dog Show in New York. The Westminster, held annually since 1877, is the second oldest sporting event behind the Kentucky Derby in the US. The first trip was to watch some acquaintances of ours show. This time my wife wanted to see the Masters Agility Competition and I wanted to see the finals for the King Charles Spaniel breed which is the breed of our dog that we have named Lucy. She is our second Lucy King Charles. We love Lucy and she loves everyone. It was great going to the show covered by the Fox Sports network.   “Nimble” won the Final Master Agility Competition where 50 dogs competed in the finals. They are divided into 5 groups by height. “Nimble” was an ‘American Dog’ breed which is a mixed mutt of American Breeds accepted by the Westminster show for the agility competition. One mutt against 49 purebreds and the mutt won. It moved like greased lightning having the obstacle course imprinted in its brain winning by such a margin there was no close second. Border Collie, Australian Shephard and Papillon breeds performed well…

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