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I am starting to feel like I might have gotten duped. Long time subscribers might recall how several years ago I signed up for carbon programs that would pay me for transitioning my crop production techniques. Technically, I didn’t change anything I wasn’t already planning on making the change. I am shifting to a more minimum tillage system where I rotate each year between no-till beans and strip-till corn versus conventional tillage. The timing was right as carbon programs were chasing down every farmer trying to get them to implement minimum tillage along with cover crops and other “carbon-friendly” practices. I didn’t see any downside in my case. They were, after all, going to pay me for something I was already planning on doing.   After three years, I have the financial results of all my hard work. Forty Bucks! That is right. Now I do not mean $40 acre…I mean $40 in total for my 230 acres. Despite all the promises of how all the carbon credits I was going to be creating that would eventually lead me to making a 5-figure side hustle down the road, my first year I got $40 dollars. I wasn’t exactly counting on…

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