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Gun Rights have been one of the topics that I have covered in this report. I have a substantial investment in firearms as well as a Winchester Hardware Store Museum of collectibles. View at   I pretty much stopped referencing the NRA relative to gun control issues several years ago after letting my membership lapse when I decided that they had become so unreasonable as to their policy as to pose a threat to my gun rights in the backlash they create in public opinion. The relentless onslaught of gun atrocities in this country is eventually going to break down public sentiment favoring protection of our gun rights. The right approach to policy was to support things that would positively impact a reduction of gun deaths and instead the NRA took a stance of never giving an inch even when there was common sense reason and a moral judgment to do so. Their unrelenting opposition to many things that NRA members polled had accepted, such as universal background checks and issued carry permits was interpreted by me as a disconnect of the organization from its membership. Other gun rights protection groups were not sad to see a demise of…

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