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Part 3 of 3 There are about 1 million immigrants, including their families, who enter the country and work here legally each year. Many are invited, having education and skills or some other desirable attribute that they offer the country.  There is a process, first acquiring a visa and then a green card that can lead to citizenship. That path is years long and takes many resources and individual determination to complete. I have both a nephew and daughter-in-law that traveled that path to citizenship which took them years. It is the way that we want immigrants to enter the US. Americans are pretty adamant that the legal way is the only way that should provide a path to citizenship. Otherwise, they see offering citizenship only attracts more illegals, an argument that has merit. Over 2+ million illegal immigrants crash the border each year and there is at least another 3+ million who are in process, having entered the country illegally waiting for their status to be determined in customs courts, said to take up to 5 years. The catch and release process where illegals cross over, turn themselves into border control agents, get processed and released into the US…

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