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We are behind the scenes supporting allies in two wars in Ukraine and Gaza, with our opponents, Russia and Iran, thinking that our resolve can be broken if they can withstand the military pressure being put on them. There is every reason to think that they may be right. They provide much of the miss-information on our social media where Americans get their news. American resolve has never been easier to unravel than today. There is not much single mindedness to begin with and brief periods of consensus have not shown much longevity.   The US military can achieve battlefield dominance but even that has been temporary. The Korean conflict, Vietnam war, the Gulf War, Iraq, Afghanistan and even the war against ISIS (still troops in Syria) either had an unfavorable ending or stalemated…have never been fully resolved in our favor. Some have become prolonged stand-offs with US troops facing off against enemies with no end in sight. Afghanistan was pretty much an incompetent undignified retreat. By the way, DJT set up the inglorious exit from Afghanistan while Biden consummated the blunder. Asked about what the Pentagon had advised the president over the exit from Afghanistan, General Mark Milley said…

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