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…all but the last few days of it. The soybean harvest has been done here for a while. There is still a slug of corn to harvest yet here in NW IA but the snow melted off the ears and they will get right to it. There are still stalks to harvest and tillage needing done. There is much less tillage done here than there used to be. I watched organic producers still moldboard plowing on U-Tube. Organic producers are now less green than traditional ones. It will warm up some later this week so the first snow of the season disappears. There was more corn seen unharvested yet on my recent trip to ND and they got a lot more snow up there. It was standing well. They are more used to seeing snow delay harvest further north. Someone once forwarded a picture of them harvesting corn the following July. They have what is reportedly a record yield in western ND if they can get it out. As a general statement I am hearing some record yields here and there in the later corn harvest. Soybean yields not so much. The corn harvest is really not late yet historically….

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