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“I know some of you would be like, I get It, but remember we are in the midst of the greatest reindustrialization process in the United States history.  We are building out industrial infrastructure and factories and refineries and pipelines and roads and all that faster than we did during WWII.  There’s a lot of things in play here so let me start with kind of the legacy factors and then we will go into the issues of the now.   1st the legacies.  The United States has the most highly skilled labor force in the world by a significant margin.  There are a few countries like Singapore where the overall education level might be higher but you know Singapore is a country of 5 million people.  The United States is a country of 332 million.  You could say the Germans or the French which might have a little bit more productivity per hour than the United States.  You know we’re talking about a labor force in the United States that is 4 or 5 or 6 times as much and that means that there is not a lot that the US can’t do if it puts its mind to…

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