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Nearly Unprecedented Harvest Rush Coming   This may be the year when farmers get really tired of switching back and forth between soybean and corn heads. Both crops may be harvestable at the same time. Two weekends ago a nephew came home from a trip out west to a wedding. He said that he was shocked to see 2 weeks of maturity occur in the 3 days that he was gone. Crops took a real hit from what was the last blast furnace of the summer. He drove by my soybeans to see how soon he would need to get the combine ready and was relieved that ours are still pretty green. I traveled across northern and central IA this weekend and leaves are dropping off soybeans like they were hit by a frost. I saw no corn that would be helped by rain anymore nor would many but the greenest soybeans yet benefit. We are experiencing a materially abbreviated fill period with whatever impact it will have on final yields. Whatever yield that USDA enumerators come up with tomorrow in the September production report, the final yield will be lower. It will take harvest to uncover where yields stand…

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