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They are finally rounding up a fleet of F-16s to send to Ukraine and are training their pilots to fly them. During WWII there were a number of American, Canadian and even Polish pilots that flew for the British. I would think that there would be a number of pilots of various nationalities who know F-16s that would be willing to fly for them. Several of our allies are switching from F-16s to the F-35 making retiring F-16 aircraft available. Ukraine’s Mig 29s are not equal to a number of more advanced Russian fighter aircraft. They cannot look out as far as Russian fighters becoming targeted before they can gain situational awareness and acquire their enemy. The F-16s solve that weakness. F-16s are a varied mission aircraft able to do most anything they need done. One of the things is to protect advancing ground forces from Russian aircraft. Ukraine has air defense weapons but that is not enough for air supremacy over the battlefield. This lack of air superiority is one of the primary reasons for only limited success of their counter-offensive. Another Biden mistake was the root of this bad decision. These F-16’s will not give Ukraine air dominance…

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