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Some folks that I know have been unrepentantly in the camp discounting the existence of man-made climate change. Basis the data and scientific evidence that I have seen, the models created as to what man-made climate change would look like are being confirmed as highly accurate by unfolding current events. There was a time when they would look out the window at some conflicting weather event that did not fit warming temps and scoff but now when they look out the window what they are seeing has silenced them. They will also not appreciate the coming increase in their property/casualty insurance premiums. I think they got the predictions of intensifying weather extremes amazingly correct. Opposition to the premise of global warming and climate change, in the sense that it is more than natural cycles, has retreated into an ever more isolating ideological corner. While the ideological debate can go on indefinitely, the dollars and sense impact of climate events is forced on insurance companies and our military in the here and now. I have been watching what they believe and how they are responding and they take the impact of warming temps and climate change very seriously. Wind, hail, floods,…

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